Our History

Taiyuan Cheng Cheng Pharmaceutical Technology (formerly Taiyuan Cheng Cheng Technology Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2008, and now the company has become a medium-sized enterprise that has more than 50 employees. Our company is a key taxpayer in Taiyuan City. Meanwhile, we are highly praised by our peers. As of 2015, our company has completed a total of 67 clinical trials projects, and are currently working on 15 research projects (including 5 internal projects).
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What we've achieved

Our company has built a stable customer base comprising of a number of large domestic pharmaceutical companies (Beijing Tongrentang, China Sinopharm Group, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical), and has developed a good and stable cooperative relationship with these well-known pharmaceutical companies in China. We have carried out a number of independent research and development projects, and have developed 12 new products including nitroglycerin micro emulsion spray and functional health products containing melanin, etc., among which some have already obtained patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of PR. China.
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2About us_3our potential

Our potential

Our company has established cooperative relations with more than 60 domestic drug clinical trial institutions certified by China Food and Drug Administration. These institutions are located in various Chinese cities. We have established the university–enterprise cooperation with Shanxi University of Chinese Medicine. Our company’s employees are talented professionals, and we have an excellent Technical Consulting team.

2About us_5our future

Our Future

Our company has set up a subsidiary in New Zealand, research and networking have been carried on by our motivated team in Auckland. We are planning on helping New Zealand local pharmaceutical companies to acquire the authentic approval from Chinese government, the CFDA, and launch New Zealand made healthcare, nutrition products and medicine in china, to Chinese local pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical distributors, etc. Utilizing the magical efficacy of nature from this island country in the South Pacific Ocean, as well as the last pure land on the planet, spreading the good things to more places, creating more value for true nature products, looking forward to a win-win in a bright future.