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诚诚科技以大量国内知名医药商为基础建立了稳定强大的合作关系网络. 超过60家经国家食品药品监督局认证的临床医药研究实验机构已和我们创建了良好的合作关系,他们分布于国内各大城市. 卓越稳定的医药领域合作关系可以为产品从研制到临床带来最精确有效并且权威的服务.


据统计 目前承担临床试验数据统计项目25

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16 Jan


16 January, 2016
Morinda officinalis How is the root of Rubiaceae Radix Morindae Officinalis plants. Academy of Military Medical Sciences and Beijing Tong Ren Tang Group Co., Ltd. have developed five new pure-plant anti-depression drugs jointly, and it is the second pure-plant ... More

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